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As parents, one of the most important milestones for your children as they approach adulthood is helping them file their first tax return. This is not something normally taught in school, so there can be many questions from both the parent and the child when filing for...

December 20, 2016

When starting a business, clients often ask what type of business structure is the best fit for their company. Although many companies operate as a sole proprietor, in many cases it would be in the best interest of the business owner to incorporate. This will protect t...

December 12, 2016

Sole Proprietor - One person shop or business. Many owners still operate their business without a DBA (“doing business as”) or EIN number. This means the owner uses their own name and social security number in aspects of the business and files personal taxes. No filing...

While there is the excitement of being your own boss and doing things under your own terms, certain things might be taken for granted that you are now personally responsible for.

Three important areas that you should understand when starting your own business are:


November 28, 2016

As more people feel the urge to follow their passion to start a business, many things should be considered. Here are just a few things to start the ball rolling on “Should I start my own business?”:

  1. What kind of business do I want and why?

  2. What types of servi...

Getting caught up in the holiday spirit of shopping during Black Friday and the rest holiday season can be a huge drain on your savings or income. Creating more bills by spending money that you do not have, building up credit cards and different lines of credit. The be...

While many individuals apply the standard deduction on the 1040 form on their tax return, I often find clients miss possible reductions.   It seems many don’t understand the expenses and deductions that can be claimed on a Schedule A form, as opposed to filing with the...

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Our First Commercial

February 13, 2017

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February 13, 2017

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